Build with open identity

IDX is an open source development framework for decentralized identity and user-centric data.

Identity for a safer, more open web.

Easily add users and data to your app with zero infrastructure, lock-in, or trusted third parties.

import { definitions } from '@ceramicstudio/idx-constants'
export const appDefinitions = {
profile: definitions.basicProfile

Simplify development

Eliminiate the need to run a backend for user management, and optionally data storage.


Share data across apps

Bootstrap your application by discovering and importing user data from third-party apps.


Give users control

Improve security and privacy by letting users decide who gets to see their data.

Create and manage decentralized identities.

  • Independent, globally unique ID
  • Controlled by users; portable across platforms
  • Login with any identity or crypto wallet
  • Connect crypto, social, and other accounts

Store user and app data on the decentralized web.

  • Store data in dynamic JSON documents
  • Similar to a NoSQL document store
  • Stored on IPFS; secured by blockchain
  • Controlled by the user's DID

Or store data anywhere else.

  • Store data in traditional or p2p databases, decentralized file storage networks, or blockchain registries
  • Publish schemas to make data interoperable
  • Publish metadata and endpoint for routing

Add datasets to a user's personal index.

  • Decentralized key-value store document lists mappings from data definitions to resources
  • One per user; controlled by the user’s DID
  • Discover data from all apps and storage contexts in a unified, user-centric location

Discover and share a world of data across apps.

  • From profiles and social graphs to application data, lookup a user’s index to see what’s available
  • Query a specific resource to return the data or it’s location on another network or server
  • Request permission to access encrypted data

Zero lock-in.

Easily add users and data to your app with zero infrastructure, lock-in, or trusted third parties.


Identities, indexes, and documents are stored on Ceramic, a permissionless dataweb built on IPFS and blockchain.

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Identities conform to the W3C standard for unique, decentralized, cross-platform identifiers.

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Identity Index

Indexes conform to the Identity Index standard (CIP-3) which promotes cross-platform data interoperability.

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